Compass aims to anticipate the needs of Catholic parents, accompany them through the trials and joys of family life, and point them to faithful answers to life's difficult questions.

Searching the Database

The Compass database will continue to grow as we explore more topic areas and as new resources are developed. Individuals are encouraged to search the Compass database by using the search bar or by selecting a topic of interest. Individuals can also filter the results by audience, media type, and language.

Topic Pages

The topic pages are meant to be a quick overview of each topic area. These pages briefly explain the issue at hand, consider ways to anticipate the needs of your own family, and accompany families along the way. For more information click on the links for additional resources.


Parent workshops on specific topic areas will be made available to parishes and schools in the upcoming months. For more information, parishes leaders are encouraged to contact us at [email protected].

Disclaimer Notice:

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